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Narratives We Need

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

The future we need is within each of us. We all have a hand in building a better tomorrow. If you can imagine it, you can create it. We need narratives that remind us of our power.

No Going Back

The narratives of capitalism that have propped up our system - narratives of domination and extraction from the planet, from workers, and from animals - are falling apart. This moment offers us an unprecedented opportunity to propagate the stories that will shape a more just and equitable future. Artists, let’s own our cultural power. Let’s leverage our songs, stories, images and creative superpowers to imagine and vision the future that we need. A future in which racism and colonization no longer exist, where we are in a regenerative relationship with nature, where we don’t exploit other life because we honor our interconnection and shared destinies.

“In times of crisis, seemingly impossible ideas suddenly become possible.” - Naomi Klein


Do what you as an artist do best - create and inspire


The New Normal

It is inevitable that society will change after this pandemic. But whose ideas will drive those changes? As “normal” life and “business as usual” have ground to a halt, we have a rare opening to build momentum to create the inclusive, joyful, liberated world we need. It will be artists who paint the picture of a new normal that will allow us to wake up to a better version of ourselves and our communities, where justice and compassion are a reality, where we value each other and build a social safety net that holds us all, and where we live in regen- erative relationships with each other and with the Earth.

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About Me


In 2010 I visited Haiti with my dear friend Sean Penn and his organization JPHRO now known as CORE. He and his team showed me a side of Haiti that a simple guest or tourist could not see. I saw the beauty and resilience of a people held down by capitalism. I saw people struggling to pro-vide the most basic needs for their families. Haiti is meant to be a safe haven for 'freedom seekers' and the 'Pearl of the Antilles'.  

The challenges are great but like all Haitians, I am not deterred by challenge.

Haiti represents HOPE to all struggling peoples and one day Haiti will be a beacon of light for all underdeveloped and supressed countries in the world. This is why my family places our focus and importance on Haiti. She deserves the chance to shine. We all do.

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